"Citizens of the world: we have a power greater than   any in the history of mankind. Look and tremble!"
​                               -Cobra Commander

"Holy Toledo, Cleveland, and Cincinnati! Here  comes the granddaddy of all lightning bolts!"
​                                    -Gung-Ho

"I have provided darkness for your sake, not mine.  To know my identity is to ensure your doom."                                      -Firefly

                                                            Family  Members

                                      Joneses Who Have Appeared On Recordings

Raphael Cutrufello-piano, acoustic guitar, rhodes ep, harmonica, melodica, slide whistle, vocals, pots, pans, kazoo, xylophone, wurlitzer ep. accordian, toy piano, tack piano | Matt Helm-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocal | Dean Gorfti-drums percussion | Phil D'Agostino- electric bass, double bass, electric guitar, brake drum, rhodes ep, vibraphone | Jonas Oesterle-drums | Heather Simpson-vocals, talks | B.J. McCaffery-acoustic guitar | Steven Ugo Ciannavei-bass | Gregg Spear-acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocals | Clare Callaghan-vocals | Mike Caroto-vocals, keyboard | Nick Gordon-guitar | Chris Grunwald-vocals, guitar, drums, bass, keyboard | Allison Polans-vocals | Rebekah Callaghan-violin | Andrew Keenan-pedal steel guitar, dobro, banjo, acoustic guitar, lap steel | Noah Koerner-bass | Barbara Gettes-vocals | Sam Jacobs-bass, vocals | Drew English-vocals | James Michael Baker-vocals, trombone, wood whistle | Chris Bathgate-vocals, percussion | Kiley Ryan-violin, cello, fiddle, vocals | Brad Hinton-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, vocals, twelve string electric guitar | Matt Jones-drums | Joe Bisirri-cellphone | Jonathan Low-cellphone | Daniel S. Bower-guitar, drums, banjo, percussion | Ben Longenecker-bass | Larry Toft-trombone | James Salamone - Mandolin | Jon Thompson-clarient, baritone saxaphone | Adam Flicker-trumpet, flugelhorn | Ryan Stroud-trumpet | Andrew Lipke-keyboards, vocals, tambourine, shaker, sleigh bells, vibraphone, wurlitzer ep, piano | Tom Bendel-drums | Mary Callaghan-vocals | Cassandra Sadler-vocals | Annachristie Sadler-vocals | Beatrice Sadler-vocals | Kevin Killen-keyboards, drums, percussion, clarinet, harmonium, electric guitar, bass | Patrick Hughes-trumpet | Brian Aikens-vocal. | Sarah Kolbmann - reading | Gene Isayev - flute, reading

                                            Joneses Who Have Appeared On Stage

Raphael Cutrufello(Hezekiah Jones)-guitar, vocals, harmonica, piano, rhodes ep, wurlitzer ep | Phil D'Agostino(Pepe Jones)-electric bass, saw, banjo, double bass, mandolin, clarinet | Brad Hinton(Pocono Jones)-guitar, dobro, banjo, pedal steel, trumpet, vocals, slide whistle, iphone, lap steel | Kiley Ryan(Kiwi Jones)-violin, vocals, reading, drums, tambourine, fine diner | Daniel S. Bower(Roy G. Biv Jones)-drums, mandolin, guitar, vocal | Alex Luquet(L. Vee/Peter Jones)-electric bass, double bass | Eve Sheldon(Eleven Jones)-electric bass, keyboard, vocal |  Matt Helm(Schuylkill Jones)-guitar | Matt Helm(Karakung Jones)-glockenspiel | Ross Bellenoit(Drones Jones)-lap steel guitar, vocals, iphone, piano, drums, bass, melodica | Clare Callaghan(Sawyer Jones)-vocals | Kevin Killen(Jawn Jones)-drums, electric guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, banjo, glockenspiel | James Michael Baker('Tucky Joe Jones)-vocals, harmonica, trombone | Andrew Keenan(Tones Jones)-pedal steel guitar, dobro, banjo, vocals | Allison Polans(Sadie Jones)-vocals, readings | Dean Gorfti(Jones Jones)-drums | Tim Celfo(Celfonic Jones)-electric bass | Barbara Gettes(Barbo Jones)-vocals | Beta Baker(Alpha Jones)-vocals, shaker | Annachristie Sadler(Janet Jones)-vocals | Jonas Oesterle(Germany Jones)-drums | Chris Kasper(Three Hour Jones)-vocals, guitar, drums | Chris Bathgate(Christian Jones)-mandolin, vocals | Corey Heller(Fred Jones)-piano, wurlitzer electric piano | Adrien Reju(Rosetta Jones)-vocals | Ryan Gimpert(Salty Dog Jones)-electric guitar, melodica | Carol Catherine(Sunshine Jones)-vocals, tambourine | Dan Haefs(Dark Meat Jones)-mandolin | Tim Arnold(Indiana Jones)-accordian, drums | Andrew Lipke(Dr. Lionel J.D. Jones)-vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums | Dave Davison(Gargamel Jones)-electric guitar | Adam Herschberger(Antonio Jones)-trumpet | Avery Coffee(Flatlander Jones)-electric guitar | Shawn Hennessey(Pappa Joe Jones)-percussion | Marc Singer(SloMo Jones)-electric guitar | Heather Hurlock(Heron Jones)-vocals | Chris Dell'Osa(Indianapolis Jones)-electric guitar | James Faber(Jim Jones)-electric guitar | David Barsky(Bart Jones)-electric guitar | Mike Caroto(Popeye Jones)-electric guitar | Eric Hurlock(Catbird Jones)-vocals, ukulele | Tamar Kalkstein(Ting Ting Jones)-drums | David Sweeny(Ramshackle Jones)-handsome waiter | EJ Simpson(Unknown Jones)-mandolin | Bevin Caulfield(Joni Jones)-vocals | Joe Glincosky(Black Beard Jones)-harmonica | Matt Jones(Grumble Jones)-drums | Zachary Nichols(Falcorps Jones)-saw, trumpet | Kyle Swartzwelder(Prozac Jones)-vocals, guitar | Brad Jacobson(Mister Jones)-lap steel guitar, banjo | Harrison Treegoob(AecH Jones)-vocals | Tom Hamilton(Baby Jones)-guitar | John Mondick(Yinzr Jones)-Mandolin | Carl Cheeseman(Ice Cream Sink Jones)-guitar | Lisa Schaffer(Snappy Jones)-photog machine | Zachary DeSantis(Tacoma Jones)-drums | Kevin Mairs(Curly Jones)-mouth trumpet | Matt Milla(Militia Jones)-pedal steel guitar | Annie Palmer(Orphan Jones)-vocals | Michael Andrew Gall(Desmond Jones)-ukulele | Bethany Brooks(Prudence Jones)-piano, mandolin, vocals | Jack Byers(Go-Go Jones)-guitar, vocals | Gary Lebiedzinski(Skippy Jones)-drums | Bob Beach(Seashore Jones)-harmonica, flute | Steven Duffy(Eggroll Jones)-trombone | Adam Flicker(Flicker Jones)-trumpet, keyboards, vocals | Larry Toft(Let's Cool One Jones)-trombone | Ryan Stroud(Spit-Valve Jones)-trumpet | David Fishkin(Dakota Jones)-baritone saxaphone | Jon Thompson(Juan Thompson Jones)-baritone saxaphone, clarinet | Chris Grunwald(Dow Jones)-vocals, shaker, melodica, guitar, bass | Chuck Treece(Jesse Jones)-drums | Alison Wadsworth(Mother Jones)-vocals | David W. Jones(Gravy Jones)-banjo | Fred Burman(Strongberry Jones)-drums | Joshua Park(Low End Jones)-vocals | John Haeffs(Tempo Jones)-drums | Reed Kendell(Kindling Jones)-vocals, drums, electric guitar, rhodes piano | Joe D'Amico(Forty Hours A Week Jones)-mandolin, vocals | Dante Bucci(Spike Jones)-saw | Kristen Sylvester(Awesome Jones)-vocals | Johnny Miles(Johnny Jones)-vocals | John Romberger(Smarty Jones)-vocals | Beth Yannone(Antiquita Jones)-vocals | Sam Vile(Komodo Jones)-vocals | Gene Isayev(Russki Jones)-flute | Jonathan Hayes(Chester Jones)- acoustic guitar

"Hezekiah Jones has crafted an album of tightly coiled harmonies, memorable, lyrical melodies, and nimble, literate songwriting. It's an album that is both easy to fall in love with and difficult to fully understand. It's comfortable but unexpected, unabashedly beautiful and languidly unnerving."

                                                           Members of Great Honor

Brian Aikens(Bob Jones) | Elise Bower(Chickadee Jones). Eli Wenger(Sleepy Eye Jones) | Elizabeth Ashley Graham(Tree Jones) | Jim Desanto(Stompbox Jones) | Benjamin Jonhson(Sawtooth Jones) | Joe Margheim(Doc Jones)

"While warm and inviting, Hezekiah pokes and stirs up darker lyrical truths adding a textual spoonful of sugar to make his unique brand of medicine go down."
Aquarium Drunkard